by RecovAware Team | March 30, 2018

When to Use the RecovAware Knee App

Put simply, dealing with a knee injury or managing an ongoing knee condition is a drag. We get it, we’ve been there. What we realized is that no matter the condition, the most important goal is recovering your quality of life and returning to your sports and activities without pain or fear of reinjury. However, the timeline for completing this goal is often not predictable and depends on multiple, dynamic variables, some of which are in your control and some of which are not. What you can control is your motivation to keep up with your recovery while keeping track of your progress towards your recovery goals.

The RecovAware Knee app has specifically been developed to be your calming reassurance that you are on path back to your normal life. Whether you have suffered a simple sprain, torn your ACL, are dealing with arthritis, or are receiving a knee replacement, RecovAware Knee is for you. Ideally, you will begin using the app at the first signs of knee problems, whether that is after a significant injury or when you start noticing limitations in the knee’s performance. Alternatively, if you have already begun a treatment or are currently managing an ongoing condition without a specific treatment, there is no better time than now to download and use the app.

Using the Knee app, you can track your progress through the recovery process using the same outcome measures used by doctors as well as more including the durations of activities you do and the associated pain levels experienced during those activities. Working with doctors and physical therapists, we have strived to include all the data points that are important to you as well as your healthcare providers. Don’t hesitate to show the app and your data to your healthcare providers. From our experience, they would love to see it!

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