by RecovAware Team | April 26, 2018

RecovAware™ Co-founder John Bishop Tears ACL And We’re Excited About It

RecovAware ™ co-founder John Bishop is an avid cyclist and skier. When he is not with his loving wife Julie or in the office, you can be sure to find him on a mountain or out on his bike. In fact, he was a regular participant in the Little 500 at IU, for which he trained regularly when he was not in Colorado skiing.

On February 23, John was skiing at Alta Ski Resort in Utah. After a long day of surfing through powder and dodging through trees, he took a nasty spill coming out of a tree line into an abrupt flat. His skis crossed causing his knee to fold outwards, giving out underneath him. The pain was excruciating; he was incapable of getting back on his feet and ejected from his skis. After what seemed like an hour of lying in the snow regaining his composure and preparing himself mentally, John got himself up, clicked back into his skis and skied down to the bottom of the mountain.

Through a combination of his love for skiing, liquid encouragement and a desire to make the most of the trip, John proceeded to ski the remaining 2 days in spite of his yet to be diagnosed injury. Upon returning to Indianapolis, he visited OrthoIndy to have his knee checked out. Despite his initial impression that the injury wasn’t that bad, John was surprised to find out shortly after that he had completely torn his ACL and sprained his MCL. Considering his passion for being active, John’s mind was clouded with negative thoughts about whether he will ever be able to do the activities he holds so dearly without fear of re-injury or lack of confidence in his knee.

With his surgery date set for April 18th, John immediately began using the RecovAware Knee app to keep track of his recovery and ensure he confidently returns to skiing and cycling. With some encouragement, John has graciously agreed to have his recovery profile chronicled here on the RecovAware blog.

Leading up to this surgery, John was instructed by his surgeon to keep his knee moving by spending time on his stationary bike. His adherence to his doctor’s orders is reflected in his activity charts as shown in the screenshot from the app. As such, he steadily maintained at least 45 minutes of cycling time leading up to his surgery. Since his surgery, he has not been able to do much other than enjoy the comfort of the couch and hobble around on crutches, but he will soon begin physical therapy and start his path back to higher levels of activity.

While he was able to get some time on the bike leading up to surgery, he still had to fight through some daily pain. As his surgery date of April 18th approached, his average daily pain level never dropped below a 4 and even spiked above a 6 on 4 days. Still, that didn’t stop him from hopping on the bike and getting some spinning in! What can we say; the guy is a champ and truly dedicated to achieving a top recovery outcome. Immediately after his surgery, John’s pain has significantly spiked, but, as his pain chart shows, he is improving and is optimistic he will be ready to fight his way through physical therapy.

If activity and pain didn’t paint a clear enough picture of John’s injury and recovery, his incision site and steps charts distinctly indicate where he has been, where he currently is and where he wants to get back to. Before his injury he was averaging about 8000 steps per a day while after his injury his average steps per day have significantly dropped to around 3500. His steps chart over the past month is just as telling, clearly indicating a drastic drop to almost no movement after his surgery on April 18th.

What this all means for John is that he has both a clear profile of his recovery as well as motivation to adhere to his treatment regimen. Furthermore, through the RecovAware Stages, John knows how close he is to returning to sports. He is currently in Stage 1, indicating that he is beginning his physical therapy and regaining his ability to do normal activities of daily living, such as walking unassisted.

Through the app, John has the capability to take more control over his recovery while ensuring his timely, safe and confident return to skiing and cycling. Long story short, be like John, use the RecovAware Knee app and ensure you confidently return to your sports and activities. Also worth noting John was not told to do the Fonz, it just came naturally.

Stay tuned to for future parts chronicling John’s passage through the RecovAware Stages and his triumphant Return to Sport. Until then, download the RecovAware Knee app from the App Store and start tracking your recovery. If you would like to have your recovery profiled on the RecovAware blog, please reach out to us at We would love to hear from you!



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