by Tommy Crowe | July 14, 2017


Who Are We?

We are three guys who have participated in multiple competitive and recreational sports. Along the way, we also sustained multiple knee injuries.  Consequently, we have repeatedly experienced the pain of returning to our pre-injury levels of activity.  The path to recovery is demanding enough on its own with surgery (if necessary) and rehabilitation, but, when faced with returning to activity, the fear of re-injury and/or a lack of confidence in the knee can result in an unnecessary reduction or delay of active participation.   With these experiences in mind, we sought to develop a solution that would maintain confidence in the knee’s recovery throughout the recovery process while removing the fear of returning to normal activity levels.


Why RecovAware?

Have you ever suffered a knee injury that left you with a lack of confidence in your knee’s ability to endure full activity even after a complete recovery?  What if there was an app that empowered you with the ability to track and visualize your recovery data as you progress from the initial injury back to activity?  An app that motivated you to return to activity with confidence in the health of your knee?    RecovAware was developed for you.  Combining our insights with the advice of orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists, we have designed the app to track key measures of the knee’s recovery so that you can advance through your recovery with awareness of your progress and the reassurance that your knee is returning to health.

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The RecovAware Team

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