by RecovAware Team | September 27, 2018


  • Photos tell your recovery story
  • Capture your knee swelling level
  • Create collages of your photos
  • Share your photos with your friends, family, and social media

Tell Your Recovery Story with Photos

Some parts of recovery are best captured in a photo. Whether you just got out of surgery, did your first set of rehab exercises or ran your first mile, pictures are a great way to capture and share your recovery story.

Photo albums include:

  • Swelling
  • Activity
  • Other (documents, scars, etc.)
  • Collage

Capturing Your Swelling

The swelling camera provides both a visual timeline as well as a data timeline of your knee health improvements.

All you have to do is:

  • Line your legs up with the green knee overlays
  • Snap a photo
  • Choose your level of swelling

Gauging swelling level is difficult. Accurately recalling what that swelling level was a week later is even more difficult. The swelling camera provides a scale for documenting your swelling level so that you have a way to reliably gauge your swelling and always know how it has changed over time. Further, you can correlate your knee swelling with your other data in the app. For example, you could see that your knee swelling on a specific day was due to a bike ride.

Creating Collages

To create a collage:

  • Go to “Photos” in the menu
  • Select “Collage”
  • Choose which two photos that you want to set side-by-side
  • Save or share your comparisons on social media

Collages were designed to create before and after pictures. For example, you can capture how your swelling has decreased or scars have healed over time. From there you can decide whether you want to text, email, or post the comparison to social media so that your friends and family can see your progress!

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