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Your recovery support network just grew! Introducing RecovAware V2

Version 2 Highlights:

  • Be social and get support with the Social community
  • Know how you are doing and where you are going with Comparisons
  • Quickly know your progress with the new Progress tab
  • Compare your different data on a single chart

Capture and share your recovery with photos


  • Photos tell your recovery story
  • Capture your knee swelling level
  • Create collages of your photos
  • Share your photos with your friends, family, and social media

Knee Replacement Surgery: Tips and What to Expect


  • Successful surgery and recovery starts with preparing before surgery
  • Surgery may range from 45 to 90 minutes
  • The sooner physical therapy starts, the quicker patients regain their knee function and independence
  • Pain management is fundamental to recovery success

Break Through – John Passes Stage 1 of Knee Recovery

At 8 weeks post ACL reconstruction surgery, John has passed Stage 1. This indicates that John has recovered his ability to do normal activities of daily living. More specifically, he is able to walk around unassisted, take care of himself, drive, recovered most of his range of motion and is now working on more complex exercises.

Appointments: The Latest Feature in the RecovAware Knee App


✓ Appointment tracking
✓ Appointment reminders
✓ Automatic filling of provider details
✓ Appointment location directions
✓ Take notes during appointment
✓ Take photos of recovery documents

Having trouble keeping track of all your appointments? Have a stack of recovery forms, documents or suggested exercises? Overwhelmed by remembering all your healthcare provider’s suggestions and requests? Worry no longer, RecovAware Knee now offers tracking of appointments so that you never miss an appointment and are always prepared!

Co-founder John Bishop Tears ACL And We're Excited About It

RecovAware ™ cofounder John Bishop is an avid cyclist and skier. When he is not with his loving wife Julie or in the office, you can be sure to find him on a mountain or out on his bike. In fact, he was a regular participant in the Little 500 at IU, for which he trained regularly when he was not in Colorado skiing.

An Exercise Physiologist’s Perspective on RecovAware

Mobile technology is changing every aspect of daily life, and human performance is one of the biggest areas of opportunity for disruption. As an exercise physiologist and personal trainer specializing in post-rehab exercise management, I have experienced this positive disruption first-hand. From food tracking apps to wearable movement trackers, there really does seem to be an app for everything. With that said, there was never a high-quality app for my post-rehab training clients — until I discovered RecovAware.

When to Use the RecovAware Knee App

Put simply, dealing with a knee injury or managing an ongoing knee condition is a drag. We get it, we’ve been there. What we realized is that no matter the condition, the most important goal is recovering your quality of life and returning to your sports and activities without pain or fear of reinjury. However, the timeline for completing this goal is often not predictable and depends on multiple, dynamic variables, some of which are in your control and some of which are not. What you can control is your motivation to keep up with your recovery while keeping track of your progress towards your recovery goals.

Knee Rehabilitation From A Wakeboarders Perspective

The adrenaline rush of extreme sports has always drawn me to them. I started snowboarding and skateboarding at 8 years old and began wakeboarding at around 12. If it has to do with riding a board, you can most likely count me in. Unfortunately, with this love of extreme sports comes the inevitable possibility of injury. Scrapes, bruises, sprains, concussions, and broken bones were a fairly normal thing growing up. And then came the knee injury.

An Interview With Indianapolis Physical Therapist, Eric Sebo

We had the pleasure of hosting Eric Sebo, PT, for an interview on how he helps his patients reach their goals and consistently return to their sports and activities.  Eric is the premiere physical therapist for total joint replacements (i.e. hip and knee replacements), practicing in Indianapolis for 25 plus years.  He is truly dedicated to his craft and his outstanding outcomes speak for themselves.

An Interview with Dr. Fisher

Today we have the pleasure of hosting Dr. David Fisher for a Q&A about data collection, patient education and engagement and how these areas help improve his patient’s outcomes. Dr. Fisher is an orthopedic surgeon, fellowship trained in arthritis surgery and total joint replacement. Additionally, he is the previous Director of Total Joint Service at …

The problem of returning to sport after a knee injury

Returning to sport or activity after a knee injury is a difficult and demanding process that requires combining the recovery of physical health with confidence in the knee and motivation to be active again.  Arden et al. found that improving motivation and confidence while reducing fear is correlated to an improved likelihood of returning to …

What You Need To Know About RecovAware

Who Are We?

We are three guys who have participated in multiple competitive and recreational sports. Along the way, we also sustained multiple knee injuries.  Consequently, we have repeatedly experienced the pain of returning to our pre-injury levels of activity.  The path to recovery is demanding enough on its own with surgery (if necessary) and rehabilitation, but, when faced with returning to activity, the fear of re-injury and/or a lack of confidence in the knee can result in an unnecessary reduction or delay of active participation.